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UUPodcasters are committed to high standards of podcasting excellence, to constant learning, and to the dedicated application of their skills and talents to multiplying the UU message through podcasting.


Welcome, we're the podcasters of UU (at least some of them). This site is to help you get going with your podcasts and know that you are not going it alone. You have the support and resources of those who are members of this group.

This is also a place for listeners who want to learn more about what they are and how to listen to podcasts.

We also envision the site stimulating  other UU churches to actively get involved in podcasting and to promote listening and sharing of podcasts throughout the entire UU world-wide community and beyond.

Podcasting is not only a great service to members but also a terrific outreach for any congregation. Around your podcast you can build marketing, public relations, fund raising, and many other congregation and community relations program.  A podcast is NEWS!

According to new research from The Pew Internet and American Life Project, 29% of Americans over the age of 18 with iPods or other MP3 players have listened to podcasts. Pew had predicted the growth early this year after studying sales of portable MP3 players.

Pew estimates over 22 million American adults own an MP3 or iPod player, and more than 6 million of these owners have listened to podcasts. The study surveyed 2,201 people, 208 of whom were MP3 or iPod owners. Pew did not survey anyone under age 18.



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